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Figures for Heim et al., 2014

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Fig. 4

Defective Bb formation and excess polarized somatic fates in transgenics lacking introns. (A-D) Oocytes from cbuc80 transgenic founders. (A-F) Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E)-stained F0 ovary sections reveal a normal composition of oocytes, including (A) stage III oocytes with single micropylar cells (arrow and a1), (B) stage III oocytes with multiple micropylar cells (arrows and b1 and b2), (C) stage I oocytes with Bbs and (D) stage I oocytes lacking Bbs. (E,F) Ectopic Bbs of cbuc+ F1 females. (G-J) DiOC6 staining of sectioned ovaries. cbuc80 F1 ovaries reveal primary oocytes with (G) and without (H) Bbs. (I,J) Ectopic Bbs of cbuc+ F1 females. (K) BF view of oocyte in J. Arrows indicate Bbs. (L) Quantification of Bbs from different individual F1 transgenic females labeled with DiOC6. Cg, cortical granules; n, nucleus.

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