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Figures for Heim et al., 2014


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Fig. 1

Buc protein localizes to Balbiani bodies (Bbs) and is asymmetric before Bb formation. (A,A2,C) Buc protein localization in Bbs (red arrows in A,C) of stage Iaz (zygotene), Iap (pachytene) and Ib (larger than Ia, arrested in diplotene) WT oocytes in whole-mount ovaries stained with anti-Buc antibodies. Buc protein is not detected in bucp106/p106 mutants (B,B2). (A2,B2) Tracings of the oocytes (blue lines) and their nuclei (yellow dashed lines) from A and B. (D) DAPI-labeled nuclei of oocytes (yellow dashed circles) and follicle cells (blue arrows). (E) Merge of C and D. (F) Corresponding phase image to E. (G) Perinuclear localization of Buc (pink arrows) in WT stage Iap oocytes before Bb formation. (G2) Tracing of oocytes (blue lines) and nuclei (yellow lines). n/nuc, nucleus.

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