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Figures for Stawicki et al., 2014


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Fig. 2

merovingian mutants are resistant to toxicant-induced hair cell death. (A) Quantification of lateral line hair cell number in wild-type siblings and merovingian mutants; ***P<0.0001 by Student’s t-test (n=10 fish). (B) Hair cells labeled with parvalbumin in merovingian mutants and wild-type siblings without (left) and with (right) neomycin treatment. merovingian mutants show reduced initial hair cell numbers, but no hair cell loss in response to neomycin. (C) merovingian mutants show a significant resistance to neomycin-induced hair cell death; P<0.0001 by two-way ANOVA (n=10 fish). (D) merovingian mutants are partially resistant to cisplatin-induced hair cell death. Genotypes are significantly different; P<0.0001 by two-way ANOVA (n=6–10 fish). Error bars indicate s.d. Scale bar: 10 μm.

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