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Figures for Melvin et al., 2013


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Fig. S7 Analysis of Adap1 expression and function in the larval zebrafish.
A, lateral view of a 24hpf zebrafish embryo showing expression of adap1 in the branchial arches. A′, dorsolateral view of embryo in (A) showing the branchial arch expression. B, lateral view of a 48hpf zebrafish embryo showing continued expression of adap1 in the pharyngeal endoderm. B′, rostral view of embryo in (B) showing adap1 expression around the stomodeum. C, lateral view of 24hpf uninjected embryo. D, lateral view of 24hpf larva after injection with 10ng adap1 SPL1 MO showing delayed somitogenesis and severely shortened body axis and yolk extension. Few adap1 morphants survive to 5dpf for analysis. E, lateral view of 5dpf adap1 morphant showing collapse of the rostral aspect of the head and curvature of the body axis. F, ventral view of adap1 morphant skeleton showing no changes to the cartilage structure.

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