Figures for Nelson et al., 2009


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Fig. 2 Capped rx1 mRNAs rescue the rx1 depletion phenotype. (A–C) Sectioned embryos processed for indirect immunofluorescence with zpr1 (cone marker), and counterstained with DAPI to reveal retinal lamination. Embryos were injected with 5-mispair control MOs (A), splice site-directed rx1-MOs (B), or splice site-directed rx1-MOs in combination with capped rx1 mRNAs, arrow indicates zpr1+ photoreceptors in ventral retina (C). le = lens; gcl = ganglion cell layer; inl = inner nuclear layer; onl = outer nuclear layer; V = ventral; D = dorsal; scale bar in A (applies to all) = 50 μm.

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