Figures for Del Bene et al., 2008



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Fig. 1 moks309 Mutants Have a Complex Retina Phenotype

(A and B) Whole-mount lateral views of live 4.5 dpf zebrafish larvae. In moks309 mutants (B), the eyes are smaller than in the wild-type (A), but external morphology is otherwise indistinguishable.

(C and D) Horizontal sections of 5 dpf retinas stained with DAPI (blue) and Zpr1 antibody (green). moks309 retinas (D) have an expanded GCL (dashed white lines), compared to wild-type (C), and no photoreceptors, as revealed by Zpr1 staining.

(E and F) Coronal sections of 3 dpf retinas stained by TUNEL assay. moks309 retinas (F) have increased apoptosis, particularly in the photoreceptor layer (asterisks), compared to wild-type (E).

(G and H) Horizontal sections of 48 hpf retinas expressing GFP driven by the atoh7 promoter (green) and stained with DAPI (blue) and HuC/D antibody (red). moks309 retinas (H) have an increased number of GFP-expressing RGCs compared to wild-type (G).

Scale bars, 500 μm (A and B) and 100 μm (C–H).

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