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Fig. 2 Expression of the paralogous AMPA receptor subunit genes gria2a and gria2b in zebrafish at 24, 48, and 72 hours postfertilization (hpf). A,A′: Expression of gria2a at 24 hpf (A: lateral view; A′: frontal view). B,C: The expression pattern of gria2a in the central nervous system (CNS) at 48 hpf (C: lateral view; D: dorsal view). D,E: Expression of gria2a at 72 hpf (D: lateral view; E: dorsal view). F-L: The 20-μm-thick frontal vibratome sections through a gria2a hybridized zebrafish larvae at 72 hpf. M-M′: Gene expression pattern of gria2b at 24 hpf (M: lateral view; M′: frontal view; M″: higher magnification of the forebrain in the lateral view). N,O: Expression of gria2b in the CNS of a zebrafish embryo at 48 hpf (N: lateral view; O: dorsal view). P,Q: gria2b expression in the CNS of a 72 hpf zebrafish larvae (P: lateral view; Q: dorsal view). R-W: The 20-μm-thick vibratome sections cut frontally through a gria2b hybridized 72 hpf zebrafish larvae. PLLG, posterior lateral line ganglion. Other abbreviations as in Figure 1.

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