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Figures for Seiliez et al., 2006


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Fig. 6 Inhibition of Wnt8a signaling rescues the headless phenotype of gsc/foxA3 knock-down embryos. Expression of the telencephalic marker emx1 in wild-type embryo (A), in double gsc/foxa3 knock-down embryo (B), in gsc/foxa3 knock-down embryo coinjected with either frzb RNA (C), dkk1 RNA (D) or wnt8a Mo (E). (F–J) Morphological analysis of embryos treated with the same conditions of injections than in panels A–E showing rescue of the head at 32 hpf when the Wnt signaling pathway is inhibited. (K) Frequency of the phenotypic classes observed for the abovementioned injections. (A–E) 2–3 somite stage, dorsal views; (F–J) lateral views at 32 hpf.

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