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Figure Caption/Comments:

Image description by: Paula Mabee and Nathan Bird

Anatomical structures shown: parhypural, hypurals 1-5, preural centra 1 and 2, urostyle, hemal arches, hemal spines, neural arches, neural spines, parhypurapophysis, lepidotrichia

Stage: adult, 24.4mm SL* *SL (Standard Length) refers to the distance from the tip of the snout (upper or lower jaw, whichever is most anterior) to the posterior edge of the hypurals

Genetic (background) strain: unknown

Genotype: unknown

Animal state: fixed

Labeling: Alcian blue for cartilage, Alizarin red for bone

Description: Image showing skeletal development within the caudal fin of an adult zebrafish, 24.4 mm SL. The parhypural and hypural 1, which form initially as independent condensations (see hypural1.jpeg), fuse proximally. Hypural 2 is continuous with the urostyle. All relevant structures are ossified. Scale bar = 1 mm, arrows = hypurals 1-5, * = parhypural, arrowheads = hemal spines, pu2 = preural centrum 1, pu1 = preural centrum 1, u = urostyle, . = parhypurapophysis

Figure Data:
Developmental Stage:
Preparation Image Form View Direction
whole-mount still parasagittal anterior to left