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The NHGRI-1 fish were derived from an original strain known as "TAB-5" made from a hybrid cross between fish from two of the most commonly used zebrafish lines: Tuebingen and AB. The F1 fish from this cross were inbred and screened to be clear of any mutations affecting the first 5 days of development. The strain was carried in Shawn Burgess' laboratory, without introducing other genetic diversity, since its initial isolation in 1997. Several mating pairs were selected from the TAB-5 pool, and the most robust mating pair was chosen as the founding pair for NHGRI-1. The genome of the NHGRI-1 line has been sequenced and more than 10 million single nucleotide variants have been identified. Additionally, nearly all the regions of the NHGRI-1 genome that are invariant compared to the Zv9 reference sequence have been identified. Establishment of the NHGRI-1 line was first reported in LaFave et al., 2014  (1)