Fig. 3

Coltogirone et al., 2022 - Gsx2, but not Gsx1, is necessary for early forebrain patterning and long-term survival in zebrafish
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Fig. 3

Expression of gsx1 and gsx2 is restricted in late embryonic and early larval stages. (A-I) Expression of gsx1 from 72 to 120 hpf. Leftmost column are dorsal views, middle column are ventral views, and rightmost column are lateral views. (J-O) Expression of gsx2 from 72 to 120 hpf. Left column are dorsal views and rightmost column are lateral views. All images are compound scope images taken at ×20 with samples mounted under cover glass and anterior facing left, eyes removed in lateral views. Scale bars represent 100 μm. Insets are whole brain dissections at the same age mounted dorsally. Hb, hindbrain; Hyp, hypothalamus; OB, olfactory bulb; P, pallium; Pr, pretectum; TeO, optic tectum

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Stage Range: Protruding-mouth to Day 5

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