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Annus et al., 2022 - Bloom syndrome helicase contributes to germ line development and longevity in zebrafish. Cell Death & Disease   13:363 Full text @ Cell Death Dis.
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Stage: Adult
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Stage: Adult

Fig. 4 Blm loss-of-function results in meiotic defects during spermatogenesis in zebrafish males.

A, B Representative Sycp3 immunostainings of wild-type and blm−/ spermatogonial cysts. In wild-type cysts (A) patterns typical for meiotic prophase I can be detected, whereas in mutant cysts (B) aberrant Sycp3 patterns (white arrowheads) can be observed (n = 8 different wild-type and blm−/− samples were tested each). TO-PRO-3 staining (red) denotes nuclei (scale bar: 8 μm). C Ratio of nuclei showing Sycp3 immunostaining patterns characteristic for pachytene. A comparison of wild-type and mutant testes suggests that blm/ are defective in entering pachytene. D, E Cells undergoing programmed cell death as shown by Caspase-3 (green) staining in wild-type (D) and blm−/− testes (E). TO-PRO-3 staining (red) denotes nuclei (n = 6 different wild-type and blm−/ testis lobes were tested each). Asterisks denote spermatozoa clusters (Scale bar: 50 μm). F Normalized Caspase-3 stainings of wild-type and mutant testes suggest increased apoptosis in the absence of Blm. G, G′ Electron microscopic images of representative spermatogenic cysts with spermatocytes in meiotic prometaphase (cyan) and other early stages of meiosis I (yellow) from wild-type males. White asterisks denote condensed chromosomal structures, white hash symbols indicate nuclei in early meiotic prophase I (see Zhang et al., 2014). The white arrowhead in G′ indicates a cytoplasmic bridge between spermatocytes (scale bar: 5 μm). H, H′ Electron micrographs of spermatogenic cysts of blm−/ mutant males with spermatocytes (purple) showing aberrantly condensed chromatin (red asterisk), which was found to be the characteristic feature of mutant testes. Note that there are no nuclear envelopes observed around chromatin condensates, indicating that this phenomenon is related to cell division (see also Supplementary Fig. 5) (scale bar: 5 μm).

Gene Expression Details No data available
Antibody Labeling Details
Antibody Assay Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy
Ab3-sycp3 IHC AB standard conditions Adult spermatogenic cyst
IHC blmelu10/elu10 (AB) standard conditions Adult spermatogenic cyst
Ab5-casp3 IHC AB standard conditions Adult spermatogenic cyst
IHC blmelu10/elu10 (AB) standard conditions Adult spermatogenic cyst
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
blmelu10/elu10 (AB) standard conditions Adult male organism spermatogenesis decreased process quality, abnormal
Adult spermatogenic cyst Ab3-sycp3 labeling spatial pattern, abnormal
Adult spermatogenic cyst ab5-casp3 labeling increased distribution, abnormal
Adult spermatogenic cyst apoptotic process increased process quality, abnormal
Adult spermatogenic cyst meiotic cell cycle decreased process quality, abnormal
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