ZFIN ID: ZDB-FIG-180621-83
Müller-Deile et al., 2018 - Overexpression of preeclampsia induced microRNA-26a-5p leads to proteinuria in zebrafish. Scientific Reports   8:3621 Full text @ Sci. Rep.
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Stage: Day 5

Fig. 6

Vegf-Aa knockdown by vegf-Aa-MO or miR-26a-5p mimic causes glomerular endotheliosis and podocyte effacement that can be rescued by Vegf-Aa protein. Transmission electron microscopy pictures showing glomerular endotheliosis and podocyte effacement vegf-Aa knockdown by injection of a vegf-Aa morpholino (vegf-Aa-MO) or a miR-26a-5p mimic (miR-26a-5p). These pathologies were ameliorated when a zebrafish Vegf-Aa protein was co-injected. Pictures of the glomerulus were taken of 120 h old fish. Zebrafish were injected with a control morpholino (CTRL-MO), a vegf-Aa morpholino (vegf-Aa-MO), a recombinant zebrafish Vegf-Aa protein (Vegf-Aa protein), a miR-26a-5p mimic (miR-26a-5p), a control miR mimic (miR-CTRL) or a combination of vegf-Aa-MO and recombinant Vegf-Aa protein (vegf-Aa-MO + Vegf-Aa) a.e a combination of miR-26a mimic and zebrafish Vegf-Aa protein (miR-26a-5p + Vegf-Aa) as indicated at one to four cell stages or at 48 hpf (c.v. miR-26a, c.v. miR-26a-5p + Vegf-Aa). Scale bar = 500 nm.

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Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
WT + MO10-vegfaa standard conditions Day 5 pronephric glomerulus morphology, abnormal
Day 5 pronephric podocyte morphology, abnormal
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