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Schindler et al., 2014 - Hand2 elevates cardiomyocyte production during zebrafish heart development and regeneration. Development (Cambridge, England)   141(16):3112-22 Full text @ Development
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Stage: Prim-25

Fig. 5

Increased proliferation contributes to cardiac expansion in hand2-overexpressing embryos. (A-F) EdU incorporation in hearts of (A-C) nontransgenic and (D-F) Tg(hsp70:hand2) embryos at 36hpf, following heat shock at 10hpf and EdU pulse at 17hpf. Partial reconstructions of confocal z-stacks with ventricle upwards (A,C,D,F) and representative single slices (B,E). (A,D) White dots indicate EdU-positive (red) cells that are also MF20-positive (green) differentiated cardiomyocytes. (B,E) Arrows indicate EdU-positive cells that are also MF20 positive; DAPI (blue) marks all nuclei. (C,F) White dots indicate all myocardial nuclei. Qualitative assessment suggests increased numbers of EdU-positive cardiomyocytes in hand2-overexpressing hearts (D,E), particularly in the distal region of the ventricle and the outflow tract. (G) Timeline of experimental design. (H) Proliferation indices in nontransgenic (mCherry-negative) and Tg(hsp70:hand2) (mCherry-positive) embryos; error bars indicate s.d. Proliferation index was calculated by dividing the number of EdU-positive cardiomyocytes by the total number of cardiomyocytes. A significant increase in proliferation index was evident in hand2-overexpressing embryos (n=8 or 9; *P<0.001).

Gene Expression Details No data available
Antibody Labeling Details
Antibody Assay Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy
Ab-MF20 IHC WT control Prim-25 presumptive cardiac ventricle heart tube
IHC sd28Tg heat shock Prim-25 presumptive cardiac ventricle heart tube
Phenotype Details No data available
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