Fig. 1

Málaga-Trillo et al., 2009 - Regulation of Embryonic Cell Adhesion by the Prion Protein
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Fig. 1

Differential Expression of PrP Genes in Zebrafish Embryos

The developmental expression patterns of PrP-1 and -2 were examined by whole mount in situ RNA hybridization using gene-specific probes. At mid-blastula stages (2.5 hpf, [A and C]), PrP-1 is ubiquitously transcribed at high levels and PrP-2 is not detectable. At pharyngula stages (30 hpf, [B and D]), low levels of PrP-1 transcripts appear restricted to the forebrain and eyes, while PrP-2 becomes strongly transcribed in defined neural structures. (A and C) show lateral views; (B and D) show dorsal views.

d, diencephalon; llg, lateral line ganglion; nm, neuromeres; rb, Rohon-Beard sensory neurons; t, telencephalon; tg, trigeminal ganglion.

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Stage Range: 256-cell to Prim-15

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