Fig. 9

Yokogawa et al., 2007 - Characterization of Sleep in Zebrafish and Insomnia in Hypocretin Receptor Mutants
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Fig. 9

Sleep-Wake Patterns in hcrtr168 Mutants versus Wild-Type

Recordings were performed using the AFSRS over 48 h after 3 d of habituation. Data are plotted every 2 h. (Wild-type, n = 22; homozygous mutant, n = 17).

(A) Activity patterns. Note slightly increased activity (+20%) in mutant fish during the night.

(B) Percent sleep per hour. Note decreased sleep amounts (-30%) in mutant fish during the entire night.

(C) Mean wake bout length per hour (calculated as the mean period length of the non-sleep periods each hour) is similar in both genotypes.

(D) Mean sleep bout length per hour. Note dramatic decrease in sleep bout length (-65%) during the night in mutant animals.

(E) The number of sleep-wake transitions per hour increases dramatically in hcrtr168 mutants during the night (+60%).

For overall means of these parameters across the dark and light periods, and during other light cycles, see Table 1.

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