Fig. 3

Grzmil et al., 2007 - The INT6 Cancer Gene and MEK Signaling Pathways Converge during Zebrafish Development
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Fig. 3

Int6 and phospho-Erk expression in the developing zebrafish embryo, and pharmacological inhibition of Mek alters ceratobrancial (CB) arches.(A–F). Immuno-histochemistry of Int6 and phospho-Erk in the developing craniofacial tissues, counter stained with hematoxylin, and phospho-histone H3 to show cycling cells. (G, H) Ventral whole mount views of Alcian blue stained pharyngeal cartilages show loss of ceratobrancial arches 1–5 and a reduction of Meckel's (M), palatoquadrate (PQ) and ceratohyal (CH) cartilages in 4 dpf embryos treated with 0.5 uM CI-1040. (I, J) Sections of 4 dpf embryos hematoxylin and eosin stained after 0.5 uM CI-1040 treatment reveals loss of CB arches 1–5 (brackets). E, Ethmoid plate; PC, Parachordal cartilage.

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Stage Range: Protruding-mouth to Day 4

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