ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-130528-1
Genomic Feature: p301
Synonyms: delta 5 (+6, delta 11) (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: nf1a (1)
Type: Indel (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with zinc finger nuclease
Lab Of Origin: Pack Lab
Location: Chr: 15 Details
Current Sources:
DNA/cDNA Change: 6 bp inserted / 11 bp deleted in Exon 26 (1)
Transcript Consequence: Premature Stop (1)
FLANKING SEQUENCENo data available
Comment Citation
null allele. indel in exon 26 of nf1a resulting in premature stop codon.  ... ZFIN Staff
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous nf1ap301/p301 nf1a ♀+/- ♂+/-
nf1ap301/p301 nf1a Unknown
Complex nf1ap301/+; zdf16Tg nf1a
nf1ap301/p301 ; zdf15Tg nf1a
nf1ap301/p301; zdf16Tg nf1a
nf1ap301/p301; zdf16Tg; zdf22Tg nf1a
nf1ap301/p301; zdf16Tg; zdf23Tg nf1a
nf1ap301/p301; zdf16Tg; zdf24Tg nf1a
nf1ap301/+; nf1bp303/p303 nf1a, nf1b
nf1ap301/p301; nf1bp303/+ nf1a, nf1b
nf1ap301/p301; nf1bp303/p303 nf1a, nf1b
tp53zdf1/zdf1; nf1ap301/+; nf1bp303/p303 nf1a, nf1b, tp53
nf1ap301/+; nf1bp304/+; zdf16Tg nf1a, nf1b
nf1ap301/+; nf1bp304/p304; zdf16Tg nf1a, nf1b
nf1ap301/p301; nf1bp303/p303; ba2Tg nf1a, nf1b
nf1ap301/p301; nf1bp303/p303; vu12Tg nf1a, nf1b
nf1ap301/p301; nf1bp304/+; zdf16Tg nf1a, nf1b
nf1bp304/p304 ; nf1ap301/+ ; zdf15Tg nf1a, nf1b
zdf15Tg ; nf1bp304/p304 ; nf1ap301/p301 nf1a, nf1b
tp53zdf1/zdf1; nf1ap301/+; nf1bp303/p303; zdf28Tg nf1a, nf1b, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; nf1ap301/+; nf1bp303/p303; zdf26Tg; zdf28Tg nf1a, nf1b, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; nf1ap301/+; nf1bp303/p303; zdf27Tg; zdf28Tg nf1a, nf1b, tp53