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Structure Name Synonyms
anatomical line
optic furrow optic fissure
anatomical space anatomical spaces
choroidal fissure choroidal fissures
olfactory pit nasal canal, nasal cavity, nasal pit, olfactory cavity
semicircular canal scc, semicircular canals, semicircular duct
anterior semicircular canal anterior semicircular canals, anterior semicircular duct, rostral vertical semicircular canal
anterior crista primordium anterior crista primordia
dorsolateral septum dorsal bar
lateral semicircular canal horizontal semicircular canal, lateral semicircular canals, lateral semicircular duct
lateral crista primordium lateral crista primordia
posterior semicircular canal caudal vertical semicircular canal, posterior semicircular canals, posterior semicircular duct
posterior crista primordium posterior crista primordia
anatomical structure anatomical structures
acellular anatomical structure acellular anatomical structures
collagenous dermal stroma primary dermal stroma
myoseptum myocommata, myosepta
horizontal myoseptum horizontal septum
vertical myoseptum transverse myoseptum
tooth cusp
cell cells
cementocyte cementocytes
digestive enzyme secreting cell digestive enzyme secreting cells
endocrine cell endocrine cells
folliculostellate cell folliculostellate cells
pinealocyte pinealocytes
endodermal cell endoderm cell
gut endothelial cell gut endothelial cells
glial cell neuroglia
mucus secreting cell mucous cell
neuromast mantle cell neuromast mantle cells
neuromast support cell neuromast support cells
pigment cell chromatocyte, chromatophore
iridophore iridocyte, iridosome
gold iridophore
silver iridophore
melanocyte melanophore
Rohon-Beard neuron RB neuron, Rohon-Beard cell, Rohon-Beard neurons
yolk yolk cell
ball yolk ball
extension yolk extension
yolk syncytial layer periblast, yolk sac, YSL
embryonic structure embryonic structures
fin bud fin buds
fin fins
caudal fin tail, tail fin
pectoral fin forefin, pectoral fins
mesenchyme pectoral fin mesenchyme pectoral fins
pectoral fin musculature pectoral fin muscle
pectoral fin skeleton
pectoral fin cartilage pectoral fin cartilages
pectoral girdle pectoral girdles
cleithrum cleithra
pelvic fin pelvic fins
apical ectodermal ridge pelvic fin apical ectodermal ridge pelvic fins
mesenchyme pelvic fin mesenchyme pelvic fins
pectoral fin bud pectoral fin buds
fin fold pectoral fin bud fin membrane pectoral fin bud
hatching gland hgg
pancreatic bud pancreatic buds
anterior pancreatic bud exocrine anlage, rostral anlage, ventral anterior bud, ventral pancreatic anlage
exocrine pancreas head pancreas, rostral pancreas
pancreatic duct
endocrine pancreas pancreatic islet, tail pancreas
posterior pancreatic bud caudal anlage, dorsal pancreatic anlage, dorsal posterior bud
swim bladder bud
organism subdivision body part
cranium cranial skeleton
chondrocranium chondocranium, neurocranium
dermatocranium dermal bone cranium
splanchnocranium pharyngeal arch skeleton, pharyngeal skeleton
pharyngeal arch 3-7 skeleton branchial arch skeleton, gill arches 1-5 skeleton
ceratobranchial bone ceratobranchial bones
ceratobranchial 5 bone
ceratobranchial 5 tooth pharyngeal tooth, teeth, tooth
tooth 4V
ceratobranchial cartilage ceratobranchial cartilages
ceratobranchial 1 cartilage
ceratobranchial 5 cartilage
copula copulae
copula 1 anterior copula
eye eyes
corneal primordium
lens lenses
retina retinas
ciliary marginal zone circumferential germinal zone, CMZ, peripheral growth zone, retinal ciliary marginal zone, retinal proliferative zone
retinal neural layer neural retina, neuroretina
optic fiber layer nerve fiber layer, optic fiber layers
retinal ganglion cell layer ganglion cell layer
retinal inner nuclear layer inner nuclear layer, intermediate cell layer
retinal photoreceptor layer retinal photoreceptor layers
retinal pigmented epithelium pigmented epithelium, pigmented retina, pigmented retinal epithelium, PRE, RPE
visual pigment cell (sensu Vertebrata) visual pigment cells (sensu Vertebrata)
naris nares, nostril
anterior naris anterior nares, incurrent nostril
posterior naris excurrent nostril, posterior nares
pharyngeal arch pharyngeal arches
pharyngeal arch 1 mandibular arch, visceral arch 1
pharyngeal arch 2 hyoid arch, visceral arch 2
aortic arch 2 AA2, hyoid aortic arch
pharyngeal arch 3-7 branchial arch, branchial arches, branchial bar, branchial bars, gill arch, gill arches 1-5, visceral arches 3-7
pharyngeal arch 3 branchial arch 1, gill arch 1, visceral arch 3
aortic arch 3 AA3
pharyngeal arch 4 branchial arch 2, gill arch 2, visceral arch 4
aortic arch 4 AA4
pharyngeal arch 5 branchial arch 3, gill arch 3, visceral arch 5
pharyngeal arch 6 branchial arch 4, gill arch 4, visceral arch 6
pharyngeal arch 7 branchial arch 5, gill arch 5, visceral arch 7
neuromere neural segment, neuromeres
post-vent region tail
surface structure surface structures
integument skin
epidermal basal stratum basal epidermal layer
epidermal superficial stratum
median fin fold median fin
apical ectodermal ridge median fin fold
dorsal fin fold
dorsal actinotrichium dorsal actinotrichia
fin fold actinotrichium fin fold actinotrichia, median fin fold actinotrichium
ventral actinotrichium ventral actinotrichia
mesenchyme median fin fold
ventral fin fold anal fin fold, tail fin fold, ventral fin
proctodeum anus
vent cloacal opening, cloacal vent
somite somitic mesoderm
myotome myomeres
epaxial myotome region epaxial myotome regions
epaxial region somite 1
epaxial region somite 2
epaxial region somite 3
epaxial region somite 4
epaxial region somite 5
epaxial region somite 6
epaxial region somite 7
epaxial region somite 8
epaxial region somite 9
epaxial region somite 10
epaxial region somite 11
epaxial region somite 12
epaxial region somite 13
epaxial region somite 14
epaxial region somite 15
epaxial region somite 16
epaxial region somite 17
epaxial region somite 18
epaxial region somite 19
epaxial region somite 20
epaxial region somite 21
epaxial region somite 22
epaxial region somite 23
epaxial region somite 24
epaxial region somite 25
epaxial region somite 26
epaxial region somite 27
epaxial region somite 28
epaxial region somite 29
epaxial region somite 30
fast muscle cell fast muscle fiber, white muscle cell
fast muscle cell somite 1 fast muscle cells somite 1, fast muscle fiber somite 1
fast muscle cell somite 2 fast muscle cells somite 2, fast muscle fiber somite 2
fast muscle cell somite 3 fast muscle cells somite 3, fast muscle fiber somite 3
fast muscle cell somite 4 fast muscle cells somite 4, fast muscle fiber somite 4
fast muscle cell somite 5 fast muscle cells somite 5, fast muscle fiber somite 5
fast muscle cell somite 6 fast muscle cells somite 6, fast muscle fiber somite 6
fast muscle cell somite 7 fast muscle cells somite 7, fast muscle fiber somite 7
fast muscle cell somite 8 fast muscle cells somite 8, fast muscle fiber somite 8
fast muscle cell somite 9 fast muscle cells somite 9, fast muscle fiber somite 9
fast muscle cell somite 10 fast muscle cells somite 10, fast muscle fiber somite 10
fast muscle cell somite 11 fast muscle cells somite 11, fast muscle fiber somite 11
fast muscle cell somite 12 fast muscle cells somite 12, fast muscle fiber somite 12
fast muscle cell somite 13 fast muscle cells somite 13, fast muscle fiber somite 13
fast muscle cell somite 14 fast muscle cells somite 14, fast muscle fiber somite 14
fast muscle cell somite 15 fast muscle cells somite 15, fast muscle fiber somite 15
fast muscle cell somite 16 fast muscle cells somite 16, fast muscle fiber somite 16
fast muscle cell somite 17 fast muscle cells somite 17, fast muscle fiber somite 17
fast muscle cell somite 18 fast muscle cells somite 18, fast muscle fiber somite 18
fast muscle cell somite 19 fast muscle cells somite 19, fast muscle fiber somite 19
fast muscle cell somite 20 fast muscle cells somite 20, fast muscle fiber somite 20
fast muscle cell somite 21 fast muscle cells somite 21, fast muscle fiber somite 21
fast muscle cell somite 22 fast muscle cells somite 22, fast muscle fiber somite 22
fast muscle cell somite 23 fast muscle cells somite 23, fast muscle fiber somite 23
fast muscle cell somite 24 fast muscle cells somite 24, fast muscle fiber somite 24
fast muscle cell somite 25 fast muscle cells somite 25, fast muscle fiber somite 25
fast muscle cell somite 26 fast muscle cells somite 26, fast muscle fiber somite 26
fast muscle cell somite 27 fast muscle cells somite 27, fast muscle fiber somite 27
fast muscle cell somite 28 fast muscle cells somite 28, fast muscle fiber somite 28
fast muscle cell somite 29 fast muscle cells somite 29, fast muscle fiber somite 29
fast muscle cell somite 30 fast muscle cells somite 30, fast muscle fiber somite 30
hypaxial myotome region hypaxial muscle
hypaxial region somite 1
hypaxial region somite 2
hypaxial region somite 3
hypaxial region somite 4
hypaxial region somite 5
hypaxial region somite 6
hypaxial region somite 7
hypaxial region somite 8
hypaxial region somite 9
hypaxial region somite 10
hypaxial region somite 11
hypaxial region somite 12
hypaxial region somite 13
hypaxial region somite 14
hypaxial region somite 15
hypaxial region somite 16
hypaxial region somite 17
hypaxial region somite 18
hypaxial region somite 19
hypaxial region somite 20
hypaxial region somite 21
hypaxial region somite 22
hypaxial region somite 23
hypaxial region somite 24
hypaxial region somite 25
hypaxial region somite 26
hypaxial region somite 27
hypaxial region somite 28
hypaxial region somite 29
hypaxial region somite 30
myotome somite 1
slow muscle cell somite 1 slow muscle cells somite 1
muscle pioneer somite 1 muscle pioneers somite 1
myotome somite 2
slow muscle cell somite 2 slow muscle cells somite 2
muscle pioneer somite 2 muscle pioneers somite 2
myotome somite 3
slow muscle cell somite 3 slow muscle cells somite 3
muscle pioneer somite 3 muscle pioneers somite 3
myotome somite 4
slow muscle cell somite 4 slow muscle cells somite 4
muscle pioneer somite 4 muscle pioneers somite 4
myotome somite 5
slow muscle cell somite 5 slow muscle cells somite 5
muscle pioneer somite 5 muscle pioneers somite 5
myotome somite 6
slow muscle cell somite 6 slow muscle cells somite 6
muscle pioneer somite 6 muscle pioneers somite 6
myotome somite 7
slow muscle cell somite 7 slow muscle cells somite 7
muscle pioneer somite 7 muscle pioneers somite 7
myotome somite 8
slow muscle cell somite 8 slow muscle cells somite 8
muscle pioneer somite 8 muscle pioneers somite 8
myotome somite 9
slow muscle cell somite 9 slow muscle cells somite 9
muscle pioneer somite 9 muscle pioneers somite 9
myotome somite 10
slow muscle cell somite 10 slow muscle cells somite 10
muscle pioneer somite 10 muscle pioneers somite 10
myotome somite 11
slow muscle cell somite 11 slow muscle cells somite 11
muscle pioneer somite 11 muscle pioneers somite 11
myotome somite 12
slow muscle cell somite 12 slow muscle cells somite 12
muscle pioneer somite 12 muscle pioneers somite 12
myotome somite 13
slow muscle cell somite 13 slow muscle cells somite 13
muscle pioneer somite 13 muscle pioneers somite 13
myotome somite 14
slow muscle cell somite 14 slow muscle cells somite 14
muscle pioneer somite 14 muscle pioneers somite 14
myotome somite 15
slow muscle cell somite 15 slow muscle cells somite 15
muscle pioneer somite 15 muscle pioneers somite 15
myotome somite 16
slow muscle cell somite 16 slow muscle cells somite 16
muscle pioneer somite 16 muscle pioneers somite 16
myotome somite 17
slow muscle cell somite 17 slow muscle cells somite 17
muscle pioneer somite 17 muscle pioneers somite 17
myotome somite 18
slow muscle cell somite 18 slow muscle cells somite 18
muscle pioneer somite 18 muscle pioneers somite 18
myotome somite 19
slow muscle cell somite 19 slow muscle cells somite 19
muscle pioneer somite 19 muscle pioneers somite 19
myotome somite 20
slow muscle cell somite 20 slow muscle cells somite 20
muscle pioneer somite 20 muscle pioneers somite 20
myotome somite 21
slow muscle cell somite 21 slow muscle cells somite 21
muscle pioneer somite 21 muscle pioneers somite 21
myotome somite 22
slow muscle cell somite 22 slow muscle cells somite 22
muscle pioneer somite 22 muscle pioneers somite 22
myotome somite 23
slow muscle cell somite 23 slow muscle cells somite 23
muscle pioneer somite 23 muscle pioneers somite 23
myotome somite 24
slow muscle cell somite 24 slow muscle cells somite 24
muscle pioneer somite 24 muscle pioneers somite 24
myotome somite 25
slow muscle cell somite 25 slow muscle cells somite 25
muscle pioneer somite 25 muscle pioneers somite 25
myotome somite 26
slow muscle cell somite 26 slow muscle cells somite 26
muscle pioneer somite 26 muscle pioneers somite 26
myotome somite 27
slow muscle cell somite 27 slow muscle cells somite 27
muscle pioneer somite 27 muscle pioneers somite 27
myotome somite 28
slow muscle cell somite 28 slow muscle cells somite 28
muscle pioneer somite 28 muscle pioneers somite 28
myotome somite 29
slow muscle cell somite 29 slow muscle cells somite 29
muscle pioneer somite 29 muscle pioneers somite 29
myotome somite 30
slow muscle cell somite 30 slow muscle cells somite 30
muscle pioneer somite 30 muscle pioneers somite 30
slow muscle cell red muscle cell, slow muscle fiber
muscle pioneer muscle pioneers, non migratory adaxial cells
sclerotome sclerotomes
sclerotome somite 1
sclerotome somite 2
sclerotome somite 3
sclerotome somite 4
sclerotome somite 5
sclerotome somite 6
sclerotome somite 7
sclerotome somite 8
sclerotome somite 9
sclerotome somite 10
sclerotome somite 11
sclerotome somite 12
sclerotome somite 13
sclerotome somite 14
sclerotome somite 15
sclerotome somite 16
sclerotome somite 17
sclerotome somite 18
sclerotome somite 19
sclerotome somite 20
sclerotome somite 21
sclerotome somite 22
sclerotome somite 23
sclerotome somite 24
sclerotome somite 25
sclerotome somite 26
sclerotome somite 27
sclerotome somite 28
sclerotome somite 29
sclerotome somite 30
somite 1
somite 2
somite 3
somite 4
somite 5
somite 6
somite 7
somite 8
somite 9
somite 10
somite 11
somite 12
somite 13
somite 14
somite 15
somite 16
somite 17
somite 18
somite 19
somite 20
somite 21
somite 22
somite 23
somite 24
somite 25
somite 26
somite 27
somite 28
somite 29
somite 30
portion of tissue
actinotrichium actinotrichia
atrioventricular ring AV ring
corpuscles of Stannius
endocardial ring
ganglion ganglia
cranial ganglion cranial ganglia, presumptive cranial ganglia
lateral line ganglion lateral line ganglia, llg
anterior lateral line ganglion anterior lateral line ganglia
dorsal anterior lateral line ganglion anterodorsal lateral line ganglion
ventral anterior lateral line ganglion anteroventral lateral line ganglion
posterior lateral line ganglion pLLg, posterior lateral line ganglia
statoacoustic (VIII) ganglion auditory ganglion, gVIII, octaval ganglion, sag, statoacoustic ganglia
trigeminal ganglion 5th ganglion, fifth ganglion, gV, trigeminal ganglia
trunk ganglion trunk ganglia
dorsal root ganglion dorsal root ganglia, DRG
intermediate cell mass of mesoderm ICM, intermediate cell mass of Oellacher, posterior intermediate cell mass
lateral floor plate
lateral line lateral lines
anterior lateral line anterior lateral lines
anterior lateral line neuromast neuromast anterior
infraorbital lateral line infraorbital line
mandibular lateral line mandibular lateral lines, mandibular line
middle lateral line middle lateral lines
otic lateral line otic lateral lines
posterior lateral line pll
posterior lateral line neuromast neuromast posterior, neuromasts posterior
supraorbital lateral line supraorbital lateral lines, supraorbital line
macula maculae, sensory macula, sensory patch
medial floor plate
head mesenchyme
mesenchyme derived from head mesoderm
mesenchyme dorsal fin
trunk mesenchyme
intermediate mesenchyme
lateral mesenchyme derived from mesoderm
mesenchyme derived from trunk neural crest
lateral migration pathway mesenchyme
medial migration pathway mesenchyme
paraxial mesoderm paraxial mesenchyme
ventral mesenchyme
neuroectoderm neural ectoderm, neurectoderm
primary neuron
notochord notocord
notochord posterior region
otic vesicle protrusion
otic vesicle anterior protrusion anterior semicircular canal primordia, anterior semicircular canal primordium
otic vesicle lateral protrusion lateral semicircular canal primordia, lateral semicircular canal primordium
otic vesicle posterior protrusion posterior semicircular canal primordia, posterior semicircular canal primordium
primary germ layer embryonic germ layers
oral ectoderm
gut alimentary canal, enteric tract, gut tube
enteric nervous system
esophagus oesophagus
pneumatic duct
gut absorptive cell gut absorptive cells
intestinal bulb anterior intestine, foregut, pseudogaster
mid intestine
posterior intestine
roof plate diencephalic region
roof plate rhombomere 1
roof plate rhombomere 2
roof plate rhombomere 3
roof plate rhombomere 4
roof plate rhombomere 5
roof plate rhombomere 6
roof plate rhombomere 7
roof plate rhombomere 8
roof plate rhombomere region roof plate hindbrain
roof plate spinal cord region
tela chorioidea tela choroidea
tela chorioidea fourth ventricle tela choroidea fourth ventricle
tela chorioidea tectal ventricle tela choroidea tectal ventricle
tela chorioidea telencephalic ventricle tela choroidea telencephalic ventricle
tela chorioidea third ventricle tela choroidea third ventricle
tooth placode dental primordium, tooth germ
ventral wall of dorsal aorta AGM, aorta gonad mesonephros region, DA roof, DA-PCV joint, dorsal aorta - posterior cardinal vein joint, DP joint
whole organism multi-cellular organism
female organism
middle lateral line placode middle lateral line placodes
anatomical cluster
inner ear ear, otic capsule, otocyst
otolith organ otolith organs
otolith immature otolith, immature otoliths, statolith
lapillus immature anterior otolith, utricular otolith, utriculith
sagitta immature posterior otolith, saccular otolith, sacculith
neuromast lateral line neuromast, lateral line organ, neuromasts
oral region
oral epithelium
proliferative region cell cycle, cell division, proliferation
ventricular zone ventricular zones
ventral mandibular arch lower jaw, mandible, mandibular series
Meckel's cartilage ventral mandibular cartilage
reproductive system
nervous system
central nervous system cns
brain brain structure
forebrain prosencephalon
diencephalic white matter diencephalic tract/commissure
cranial nerve II CN-II, optic, optic nerve
optic chiasm chiasma opticum, optic commissure
optic tract optic tracts, tractus opticus
postoptic commissure POC, post optic commissure, post-optic commissure
tract of the postoptic commissure TPOC
habenula habenulae, habenular nucleus
pineal complex
epiphysis corpus pineale, pineal gland, pineal organ
parapineal organ
floor plate diencephalic region floorplate diencephalon
hypophysis pituitary
adenohypophysis anterior hypophysis, anterior pituitary
somatotropin secreting cell growth hormone secreting cell, somatotrope, somatotroph, somatotrophin secreting cell, somatotropic cell, somatrophic cell
thyroid stimulating hormone secreting cell beta-basophil, thyrotrope, thyrotroph
melanocyte stimulating hormone secreting cell melanotrope, melanotroph
intermediate hypothalamus Hi
lateral wall diencephalic region lateral wall diencephalon
optic stalk optic stalks
floor plate telencephalic region floorplate telencephalon
lateral wall telencephalic region lateral wall telencephalon
olfactory bulb bulbus olfactorius, olfactory lobe
optic recess optic recesses
telencephalic white matter telencephalic tract/commissure
anterior commissure commissura anterior, commissura rostral, rostral commissure
telencephalon diencephalon boundary
forebrain midbrain boundary diencephalic-mesencephalic boundary
hindbrain rhombencephalon
floor plate rhombomere region floor plate hindbrain region
floor plate rhombomere 1 floor plate r1
floor plate rhombomere 2 floor plate r2, floorplate r2
floor plate rhombomere 3 floor plate r3, floorplate r3
floor plate rhombomere 4 floor plate r4, floorplate r4
floor plate rhombomere 5 floor plate r5, floorplate r5
floor plate rhombomere 6 floor plate r6, floorplate r6
floor plate rhombomere 7 floor plate r7, floorplate r7
floor plate rhombomere 8 floor plate r8, floorplate r8
fourth ventricle 4th ventricle, hindbrain ventricle, rhombencephalic ventricle, rhombencephalic vesicle, ventricle IV, ventriculus rhombencephali
hindbrain commissure
midbrain mesencephalon
lateral wall midbrain region lateral wall midbrain
optic tectum dorsal midbrain, mesencephalic tectum, tectal lobe, tectum, tectum opticum
tectal ventricle cerebral aqueduct, medial tectal ventricle, mesencephalic ventricle, mesencephalic vesicle, midbrain ventricle, ventriculus mesencephali
tegmentum mesencephalic tegmentum, midbrain tegmentum
midbrain hindbrain boundary isthmus, mhb, midbrain-hindbrain boundary
supraoptic tract SOT
lateral forebrain bundle fasciculus lateralis telencephali, lateral forebrain bundles
floor plate floorplate, fp
floor plate spinal cord region floorplate spinal cord
roof plate
spinal cord medulla spinalis, spinal cord structure
central canal canalis centralis, neural lumen
ventricular system
peripheral nervous system pns
lateral line system ll
anterior lateral line system
lateral line primordium lateral line primordia, llp
posterior lateral line primordium posterior lateral line primordia
primary posterior lateral line primordium primary posterior lateral line primordia, primI
secondary posterior lateral line primordium secondary posterior lateral line primordia
posterior lateral line system
myelinating Schwann cell Schwann cells
sensory system sensory systems
olfactory system
olfactory receptor cell olfactory receptor neuron, olfactory sensory neuron, Schultze's cell
peripheral olfactory organ nasal sac, nose
olfactory epithelium nasal epithelium, nasal sensory epithelium
sensory neuron
vestibuloauditory system
visual system
Kolmer-Agduhr neuron dorsal CSF-cN, dorsal CSF-cNs, KA cell, KA interneuron, KA neuron, Kolmer-Agduhr cell
hematopoietic system
blood cell blood cells
hematopoietic stem cell colony forming unit hematopoietic, hematopoietic progenitor cell, hemopoietic progenitor cell, hemopoietic stem cell, HSC
common lymphoid progenitor CLP, committed lymphopoietic stem cell, early lymphocyte progenitor, ELP, lymphoid stem cell, lymphopoietic stem cell
musculature system
cephalic musculature head muscles
fin musculature
dorsal fin musculature
trunk musculature body musculature
abdominal musculature
cardiovascular system
bulbus arteriosus cardiac outflow tract, outflow tract, truncus
cardiac ventricle ventricle
sinus venosus inflow tract
pericardium pericardial sac
axial vasculature
blood vasculature blood vessel
artery arterial system
aortic arch aortic arches, branchial aortic arches
carotid artery
caudal artery CA
central artery CtA
anterior mesencephalic central artery AMCtA, rostral mesencephalic central artery
middle mesencephalic central artery MMCtA
posterior mesencephalic central artery caudal mesencephalic central artery, PMCtA
communicating vessel palatocerebral artery CMV, communicating vessels
cranial division of the internal carotid artery anterior cerebral carotid artery, anterior rami of the cerebral carotid artery, CrDI, rostral division of the internal carotid artery
dorsal aorta DA, dorsal aortic root
dorsal branch nasal ciliary artery dorsal branch nasal ciliary arteries
dorsal ciliary vein DCV
hyaloid artery hyaloid arteries
mesencephalic artery MsA
opercular artery external carotid artery, ORA
optic artery optic arteries
palatocerebral artery PLA
posterior communicating artery caudal communicating segment, PCA, PCS, posterior communicating segment of the basilar artery
primitive prosencephalic artery PPrA
prosencephalic artery PrA
ventral branch nasal ciliary artery
cardinal system
anterior cardinal vein ACV, rostral cardinal vein
common cardinal vein duct of Cuvier
posterior cardinal vein axial vein, caudal cardinal veins, PCV, postcardinal vein
vein venous system
anterior cerebral vein ACeV, rostral cerebral vein
caudal vein CV
dorsal longitudinal vein DLV
hyaloid vein hyaloid veins
median axial vein
median palatocerebral vein MPLV
mesencephalic vein MsV
optic vein OV
posterior caudal vein
posterior cerebral vein caudal cerebral vein, PCeV
primary head sinus lateral head vein, PHS
primordial hindbrain channel medial head vein, PHBC
supraintestinal vein , supraintestinal veins
cranial vasculature head vasculature
brain vasculature
trunk vasculature
muscle cell myocyte, myofiber
skeletal muscle cell skeletal muscle fiber, striated muscle cell
digestive system
D cell D cells
digestive system duct
hepatic duct
gall bladder
left liver lobe 1st lobe, first lobe
pancreatic system
pharyngeal epithelium
endocrine system
thyroid follicle thyroid follicles
thyroid primordium thyroid primordia
immune system
kidney mesonephros
interrenal primordium
macrophage histiocyte
thymus primordium thymic rudiment
lateral wall rhombomere 1
lateral wall rhombomere 2
lateral wall rhombomere 3
lateral wall rhombomere 4
lateral wall rhombomere 5
lateral wall rhombomere 6
lateral wall rhombomere 7
lateral wall rhombomere 8
nucleus of the tract of the postoptic commissure ntPOC
renal system urinary system
podocyte podocytes
pronephric podocyte
pronephros embryonic kidney, pronephric nephron
pronephric duct pronephric ducts
pronephric duct opening pronephric duct openings, urogenital opening
pronephric glomerulus pronephric glomera, pronephric glomeruli, pronephric glomus
pronephric tubule ciliated neck segment
skeletal system
CiA circumferential ascending interneuron, V1 interneuron
CiD circumferential descending interneuron, commissural descending interneurons, V2a interneuron
CoLA commissural longitudinal ascending interneuron
CoPA primary commissural interneuron
CoSA secondary commissural interneuron
DoLA dorsal longitudinal interneuron
MCoD larval VeLD, multipolar commissural descending interneuron
MiP motor neuron middle primary motoneuron
RoP motor neuron rostral primary motoneuron
UCoD unipolar commissural descending interneuron
VeLD V2b interneuron, ventral longitudinal interneuron
pharyngeal pouch 1 pharyngeal pouches 1
immature macula immature maculae, immature sensory patch, immature sensory patches
immature anterior macula immature anterior maculae
immature hair cell anterior macula immature sensory hair cells anterior macula
hair cell anterior macula sensory hair cells anterior macula
immature posterior macula immature posterior maculae
immature hair cell posterior macula immature sensory hair cells posterior macula
hair cell posterior macula sensory hair cells posterior macula
secondary motor neuron secondary motoneuron
serous membrane
caudal vein plexus
liver and biliary system
ocular blood vessel eye vasculature, ocular vasculature, optic vasculature
hyaloid vessel hyaloid vasculature, hyaloid vessels
terminal nerve nervus terminalis
zona limitans intrathalamica zli
apical ectodermal ridge dorsal fin
basophilic erythroblast basophilic normoblast, early erythroblast, early normoblast, prorubricyte
dorsolateral motor nucleus of vagal nerve dlX
larval melanophore stripe
dorsal larval melanophore stripe
lateral larval melanophore stripe
ventral larval melanophore stripe
axial fin skeleton median fin skeleton, unpaired fin skeleton
trabecula cranii trabeculae cranii
ceratohyal cartilage
ethmoid cartilage ethmoid plate
hyohyoideus hyohyal
hyosymplectic cartilage hyomandibular cartilage
sternohyoid hypobranchial muscle, sternohyoideus, sternohyoids
medial motor nucleus of vagal nerve mmX
palatoquadrate cartilage dorsal mandibular cartilage, pterygoquadrate, quadrate cartilage
parachordal cartilage parachordal cartilages
interhyoideus interhyal, ventral interhyoidei, ventral interhyoideus
ventral tooth row ventral tooth rows