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Publication Data Fish Stage Range Anatomy
Warga et al., 2013 Fig. 6 Shield to Bud anatomical structure, paraxial mesoderm, tail bud
Jacobs-McDaniels et al., 2011 Fig. 4 10-13 somites tail bud
Flores et al., 2008 Fig. 3
Hawkins et al., 2008 Fig. 3 14-19 somites tail bud
Hart et al., 2007 Fig. S9 Shield whole organism
Lin et al., 2007 Fig. 3 Prim-15 post-vent region
Skromne et al., 2007 Fig. S1 Bud to 10-13 somites neural keel, neural plate, neuroectoderm, tail bud
Davidson et al., 2006 Fig. 1 50%-epiboly to Long-pec intestinal bulb, margin, paraxial mesoderm, tail bud
Shimizu et al., 2005 Fig. 3 Bud to 14-19 somites mesoderm, neuroectoderm, segmental plate, somite
Fig. 5 1-4 somites segmental plate, somite
text only 50%-epiboly margin

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