Figures for Hawkey-Noble et al., 2020


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 4 Spatial and temporal expression of zebrafish atp11a in wild-type embryos. Gene specific atp11a expression (antisense) at 0ā€“2 hpf (2ā€“4 cells; lateral view) demonstrating a lack of maternal deposition (A), 24 hpf (B: lateral, C: dorsal; and D: lateral tail) and 48 hpf (E: lateral, F: dorsal; and G: lateral tail) showing staining consistent with neural crest cell expression, 72 hpf (H: dorsolateral and I: dorsal) and 96 hpf (J: ventral and K: lateral) with ubiquitous expression in the head and high expression levels in both the developing eye and ear. Staining is also observed in the developing swim bladder (SB) at 96 (K). Non-specific staining (sense) is shown at the same timepoints for comparison (Lā€“P).

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