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Fig. 6

Enhanced neurogenesis in MZrcor1 mutants. Whole mount RNA in situ hybridization of MZrcor1 and related wild‐type embryos at 13 hpf (A,B) and 24 hpf (C,D) using elavl3 probe reveals ectopic expression of elavl3 in the midbrain and tegmentum at 13 hpf and increased expression along the midline from midbrain to tail at 24 hpf (as indicated by bar). Quantification of domain expression (indicated by bar graph). The average width of the elavl3 domain in the MZrcor1 was 47.7 ± 1.5 µm compared to 36.9 ± 2 µm for the wild‐type controls. E. Dorsal views of 26 hpf (F,I), 50 hpf (G,J), and 98 hpf (H,K) of Tg(elavl3:GFP);rcor1 sbu54/sbu54 mutants show increased differentiating neurons at 24 hpf in midbrain and hindbrain. L. Quantification of fluorescence levels of Tg(elavl3:GFP);rcor1 sbu54/sbu54 larva and sibling controls quantified at 26, 50, and 98 hpf (ROI indicated by white bracket). (*P < 0.05) (Scale bar = 20 µm). hpf, hours postfertilization

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