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Fig. 6

Toddler’s role in mesodermal cell migration is independent of endoderm.

The presence or absence of endoderm does not affect lateral mesodermal cell migration in wild-type and toddler mutants. Cas9-mediated mutagenesis was used to generate sox32 mutants. Embryos were injected at the one-cell stage with Cas9 and sox32 gRNAs. In situ hybridization for sox17 and fn1a at 75% epiboly; dorsal to the right. (A) Representative images of embryos analyzed in B. (B) Quantification of mesodermal cell migration from embryos in A as described in Figure 2A. AP = Animal pole; VP = vegetal pole. Each point represents a single embryo. Red bars are averages; **p<1.5×10−6; *p<0.05; unpaired two-tailed t-test.

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