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Figures for Pagán et al., 2015

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Fig. 5

Macrophage Depletion Caused by irf8 Deficiency Promotes Granuloma Necrosis

(A-E) Larvae from an irf8st96/+ intercross were infected via the caudal vein with ~200 tdTomato-expressing M. marinum. (A) Percentage of larvae with cording phenotype and (B) bacterial loads 3 dpi. (C) Macrophage numbers in irf8 morpholino (MO)- and mock-injected mpeg1:YFP larvae 2 dpf. (D) Bacterial cording and (E) bacterial burdens in irf8 and mock morphants 3 dpi with ~300 tdTomato-expressing M. marinum injected via the caudal vein. (B, C, E, and G) Each symbol represents individual larvae, and horizontal lines indicate means. Statistical significance was determined by Fisher’s exact test (A and D) or one-way ANOVA with Tukey’s post-test (B, C, and E). Data are representative of three (A-D) experiments.

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