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Fig. 9

Appb is expressed at 10 hpf but not in the mature Mauthner cell. In situ hybridization of appb mRNA showed stronger expression in the hindbrain at 10 hpf (A1, A2). Embryos are shown in lateral (A1) and dorsal view (A2). Arrowhead indicates the boundary between hindbrain. Co-labeling of Mauthner cell with Tg(Appb:GFP) transgenic fish line (B1-B3′) at 24 hpf. (B2) Higher magnification of boxed region in B1. (B3-B3′) Single plane lateral view across the M-cell, indicated by red vertical line in B2. Scale bars: A1, 100 µm: B1, B2, 25 µm.

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