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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-150629-11
Figures for Nagendran et al., 2015


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 2 Gain of Wnt signalling results in acquisition of stretched cell morphology in the median fin fold. Bright-field images of wild-type sibling (A), apc mutant (B), DMSO- (C) and 0.5 mM BIO-treated (D) embryos. (E-H′) β-Catenin-DAPI overlays (E-H) and β-catenin staining (E′-H′) in given genetic backgrounds and treatments. (I-L) E-cadherin staining in wild-type siblings (I), apc mutant (J), DMSO control (K) and BIO-treated (L) embryos. (M,N) Comparison of epithelial cell aspect ratio plots between sibling and apc mutant (M) as well as between DMSO and BIO-treated embryos (N). Scale bars: 0.1mm in A-D; 10 μm in E-L.

Figure Data:
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