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Figures for Skobo et al., 2014

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Fig. 9

Knockdown of ambra1 interferes with myosin organization in slow and fast muscles and with myosepta.

Lateral views of 3 dpf embryos labeled with the F59 antibody (slow muscle fibers) and with the F310 antibody (fast muscle fibers), showing abnormally organized myofilaments in ATG-morphant embryos when compared to WT and 5 m-control embryos. Slow fibers are thinner in ATG-morphant embryos, whereas fast fibers of splice-morphant embryos display a wavy phenotype, visibly different from controls. The asterisks indicate broken or missing muscle fibers. Laminin labeling highlights the loss of the V-shape arrangement of somites and reveals interrupted myosepta (arrowheads) in ATG-morphant embryos. Defects in myosin organization and myosepta structure are rescued with the by co-injection with human AMBRA1 mRNA. Anterior is to the left and dorsal up.

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