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Fig. 4

Stab2 knockdown affects Erk phosphorylation.

(A–D) Phosphorylated Erk expression is observed in the DA of uninjected control embryos by whole mount immunostaining (A,B), while a majority of Stab2 morphants display a reduction in arterial P-Erk expression (C,D). (E) Percentages of embryos displaying normal or decreased arterial P-Erk expression. Arrows indicate P-Erk expression in the DA (A,C). Experiments performed in a Tg(fli1a:GFP) line. Green staining: GFP, Blue Staining: DAPI, Red staining: P-Erk. Lateral view, anterior is to the left. All embryos are at the 20-somite stage. Morphants were injected with a cocktail containing Stab2 MO1, MO2 and p53 MO.

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