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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-120725-24
Figures for Powell et al., 2012


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 1

Cloning of putative jama2 and jamc2 paralogues by 3′ RACE or RT-PCR.

Agarose gel electrophoresis results of amplification of full-length jama2 by 3′ RACE (A) or jamc2 by RT-PCR (B) from cDNA prepared from total RNA extracts of wild-type 24 h. p. f. zebrafish embryos. (A) Lanes: - 3′ RACE negative control; 1–4 igsf11 positive control: 3′ RACE –1 5′ primer, 2 nested 5′ primer; nested PCR –3 negative control, 4 nested 5′ primer; 5–8 jama2:3′ RACE –5 5′ primer, 6 nested 5′ primer; nested PCR –7 negative control, 8 nested 5′ primer. (B) Lanes: - negative control; + ef1α positive control; 1 jamb positive control; 2 & 4 jamc2 primers designed to amplify predicted full-length ORF; 3 & 5 jamc2 primers designed to amplify IgSF domains. M, DNA size markers with size of selected bands indicated in kbp (left).

Figure Data:
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