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Figures for Dalgin et al., 2011


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Fig. 3 Endocrine progenitors are unaffected by Mnx1 knockdown. (A-D) Confocal images of Tg(neurod:EGFP) zebrafish embryos at 18 hpf. Whole-mount immunolabeling for GFP (green) and for myosin to label somites (blue); nuclear staining with TO-PRO-3 (red). Somites are numbered from anterior to posterior (S1-S6). (E-H) In situ hybridization for neurod at 18 hpf. (A,E) Uninjected controls; (B,F) control morphants; (C,G) Mnx1 MO1-injected embryos; (D,H) Mnx1 MO2-injected embryos. (I) Mean (± s.d.) neurod-expressing cells from two independent experiments and from a minimum of 17 embryos per group.

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