Figures for Dal-Pra et al., 2006


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Fig. 5 Analysis of double chordin–noggin1 morphants for the expression of early molecular markers. Expression of ved (A–C), a Bmp target gene expressed in the ventral part of the gastrula, cyp26a (D–F) expressed at the margin and in anterior neural plate, foxi1 (G–I), a marker of presumptive epidermis at gastrula stage. (A, D, G) Wild type (WT), (B, E, H) injection of 100 μM of MO-chd (class I, CI), (C, F, I) injection of 100–800 μM chd-nog1 MOs (class II, CII). Arrowheads in panels A–C indicate the dorsal limits of ved expression. Arrowheads in panels D–F indicate the anterior limit of the neural plate labeled with cyp26a and arrowheads in G–I, the dorsal limits of the presumptive epidermis labeled with foxi1. Embryos are in animal pole view dorsal to the right in panels A–C and G–I upper panels. Dorsal views animal pole up in panels D–E and G–I lower panels.

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