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Fig. 4 Analysis of double chordin–noggin1 morphants for the expression of tissue-specific molecular markers at 30 hpf. Expression at 30 hpf of three different molecular markers, sox19 labeling the central nervous system, starmaker labeling the otic vesicle and im:7144261 labeling the notochord. (A, E, I, M) Wild-type embryos while the others embryos are injected with MO-chd and MO-nog1 in conditions described in Table 2. (B, F, J, N) Weak aggravation (class I, CI) of the ventralization phenotype, (C, G, K, O) strong ventralization—class II—CII, and (D, H, L, P) extreme ventralization (class 3, CIII). Embryos in lateral view (A–D), (M–P). In dorsal view (E–L), anterior to the left.

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