Figures for Ishimaru et al., 2005


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Fig. 3 Expression of zfT1R and zfT2R genes in gustatory tissues. Tissues containing taste buds were sectioned, and hybridized with digoxigenin-labeled riboprobes for each of the zfT1Rs and zfT2Rs as indicated on the left. The transcripts of zfT1R1, zfT1R2a, zfT1R2b, zfT1R3, zfT2R1a, and zfT2R1b were detected in the taste buds of the lips, gill rakers, and pharynx. The frequencies of zfT1R- and zfT2R-positive cells were lower than that of zfPLC-β2-positive cells. No signals for zfT1Rs or zfT2Rs were detected in the olfactory epithelium, while signals for zf5.24, an ortholog of goldfish olfactory receptor 5.24 gene, were detected in the adjacent section. The black label in olfactory epithelium hybridized with probe for zfT2R1a is a cluster of endogenous pigments. Scale bars at the bottom of each column=10 μm.

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