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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-071004-111
Figures for Rentzsch et al., 2003


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 6 Loss-of-function experiments. (A–D) In situ hybridization revealing p73 expression in embryos injected with 5 mismatch-control MO (5mm MO) (A, C), or in TAp73 morphant embryos injected with TAp73 MO1 (p73MO) at the one-cell stage (B, D); (A, B) lateral views, (C, D) dorsal views on head. Arrowheads point to missing caudo-medial cells. (E, F) Alcian blue staining of 5 mismatch control MO-injected (E) and TAp73 MO1-injected embryo (F), ventral views on head; anterior to the left. Numbers indicate pharyngeal arches 1–7 (mandibular, hyoid and five gill arches). Abbreviations: bb, basibranchial; bh, basihyal; cb, ceratobranchial; ch, ceratohyal; hs, hyosymplectic; pq, palatoquadrate.

Figure Data:
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