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Figures for Hans et al., 2007


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Fig. 6 Ectopic otic induction after fgf8 expression at late gastrulation stages leads to formation of larger but correctly patterned placodes and vesicles. (A, E) Otic placodes labeled by cldna expression are increased in size in transgenic hsp:fgf8 embryos in comparison to non-transgenic embryos following a heat shock at late gastrulation stages. (B-D, F-H) The enlarged otic vesicles of transgenic embryos show no apparent patterning defects in comparison to non-transgenic siblings assessed by morphology and marker gene expression, including otx1 and pax2a. (A, E) Dorsal views of 12-somite stage embryos with anterior towards the top; (B-D, F-H) lateral views of otic vesicles at 24h with anterior to the left and dorsal towards the top. o, otolith. Scale bar: 50 μm for A, E; 30 μm for B-D, F-H.

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