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Figures for Hans et al., 2007


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Fig. 2 Ectopic Fgf-signaling represses foxi1 and dlx3b before and during gastrulation. (A, B, F, G) Expression of foxi1 and dlx3b is absent after overexpression of fgf8 by mRNA injections at the 1-cell stage in comparison to wild-type embryos. (C, D, H, I) Misexpression of fgf8 at 30% epiboly or shield stages results in smaller foxi1 and dlx3b expression domains. (E, J) Loss of Fgf-signaling after pharmacological inhibition with SU5402 from late blastula stages until the end of gastrulation has no effect on the ventral expression of foxi1 and dlx3b. Lateral views at the end of gastrulation with dorsal to the right and anterior towards the top. Scale bar: 100 μm.

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