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Figures for Peng et al., 2006


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Fig. 6 Sfrp compensates for inhibition of Lhx5 function.(A) Sfrp1a and Sfrp5 rescue eye development in lhx5-en mRNA-injected embryos. The percentages of embryos malformed, as a result of dorsalization or injection (yellow), eyeless (blue) or two eyed (green) were measured. (B-E) Ectopic Wnt signaling results in ectopic axin2 expression. (B,C) Animal pole views; (D,E) lateral views, rostral to the left, dorsal to the top. Genotypes were determined by RFLP. (F-I) Ectopic axin2 expression in lhx5 morpholino-injected embryos. Flat mounts in glycerol. Brain boundaries are marked by broken lines. Green arrows indicate the borders of axin2 labeling. (F,G) Dorsal views, rostral to the top; (H,I) ateral views, rostral to the left, dorsal to the top. Eyes were removed to expose the brain. (J-M) sfrp1a or sfrp5 gain of function reduces ectopic axin2 expression in lhx5-en-injected embryos. Animal pole views, dorsal to the left. Scale bar in M: 250 μm for B,C; 125 μm for D,E; 100 μm for F-I; 250 μm for J-M.

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