Figure Caption/Comments:

Image description by: Tanya Whitfield

Anatomical structures shown: lateral line neuromasts

Stage: day 5

Genetic (background) strain: Tuebingen

Genotype: phenotypically wild-type embryo from a hpstc288d/+ x hpstc288d/+ cross

Animal state: live

Labeling: DASPEI vital dye

Description: Pattern of neuromast locations (yellow dots) in a day 5 larva. Top panel: Epifluorescent/brightfield image. Bottom panel: Diagram traced from the top panel, with nerves diagrammed. SO1-4, supraorbital line neuromasts; IO1-3, infraorbital line neuromasts; M1-2, mandibular line neuromasts; OP1, opercular line neuromast; O1-2, otic line neuromasts; MI1-2, middle line neuromasts; D1-2, dorsal neuromasts of the posterior line; P1-9, ventral neuromasts of the posterior line.

Publication containing this image: T. Whitfield (unpublished). Adapted from Whitfield et al., 1996; Raible and Kruse, 2000; Alexandre and Ghysen, 1999.

Figure Data:
Anatomy Term: lateral line system
Developmental Stage:
Day 5
Preparation Image Form View Direction
whole-mount still parasagittal anterior to left