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ZFIN ID: ZDB-FISH-150901-7880
Fish name: AB + MO1-ifng1r + MO1-ifngr1l
Genotype: AB
Targeting Reagent: MO1-ifng1r, MO1-ifngr1l
HUMAN DISEASE MODELED by AB + MO1-ifng1r + MO1-ifngr1l
No data available
Gene expression in AB + MO1-ifng1r + MO1-ifngr1l
RNA expression No data available
Protein expression No data available
Reporter gene expression No data available
Phenotype in AB + MO1-ifng1r + MO1-ifngr1l
Phenotype Conditions Figures
whole organism decreased life span, abnormal bacterial treatment: Yersinia ruckeri Fig. 3 from Aggad et al., 2010