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Blokhina et al., 2021 - Rad21l1 cohesin subunit is dispensable for spermatogenesis but not oogenesis in zebrafish
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Fig 1

Rad21l1 expression and loading.

(A) Rad21l1 loading during prophase I of meiosis in spermatocyte nuclear surface spreads. Rad21l1 (magenta) loads onto chromosome axes simultaneously with Sycp3 (green) and is also dispersed as foci throughout the spread in leptotene. In early zygotene, Sycp1 (cyan) lines start near the telomeres and synapsis extends inward through late zygotene and are present end-to-end along axes. Note: there is some asynapsis in the pachytene nucleus which may indicate that the cell was either in very early or very late pachytene. The merged images are Rad21l1 and Sycp3 channels only. Mag images are magnifications from the Merge panels; the regions magnified are indicated by white boxes. Panel series a-p scale bar = 5 μm. Mag panel series q-t scale bar = 2 μm. (B) Rad21l1 loading during prophase I of meiosis in oocyte nuclear surface spreads. Panels a-e are arranged similarly to the corresponding panels of part (A).

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