ZFIN ID: ZDB-FIG-180703-10
Takaki et al., 2018 - A zebrafish model for ocular tuberculosis. PLoS One   13:e0194982 Full text @ PLoS One
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Stage: Adult

Fig. 4

Recruitment of peripheral blood monocytes in granuloma formation.

(A-C) Granuloma formation in Tg(mfap4:tdTomato) fish with red-fluorescent macrophages and infected with green-fluorescent M. marinum. Hoechst-positive (blue-fluorescent) peripheral blood monocytes which have been recruited into the infected eye are seen within the granuloma (inset and panel B) and in contact with a single infected macrophage (inset and panel C). The retinal microglia are incorporated into the granuloma and also dispersed uniformly within the ocular tissues. Scale bars, 30 μm.

Gene Expression Details No data available
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Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
WT bacterial treatment by injection: Mycobacterium marinum M Adult eye inflamed, abnormal
Adult eye macrophage present, abnormal
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