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Boczonadi et al., 2014 - EXOSC8 mutations alter mRNA metabolism and cause hypomyelination with spinal muscular atrophy and cerebellar hypoplasia. Nature communications   5:4287 Full text @ Nat. Commun.
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Stage: Day 4
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Stage: Day 4

Fig. S3

Mbp and acetylated tubulin staining after knock-down of the zebrafish orthologue, exosc8 in the head

Un-injected control larvae and exosc8 MO injected larvae were analysed for myelination at 96 hpf. Larvae of the different phenotype categories and control larvae were stained with antibodies against the myelin basic protein (Mbp) and against acetylated tubulin to study the presence of axon tracts and their degree of myelination.

Left column: overlay, with Mbp staining in red and acetylated tubulin staining in green; middle column: Mbp staining; right column: acetylated tubulin. Top row: head of control larva. Middle row: MO injected larva with normal external morphology; axons near the eye are not Mbp-positive (white arrowhead).

Bottom row: MO injected larva with a severe phenotype.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
mbpa Ab1-mbp slc24a5unspecified standard conditions Day 4 head IHC
Ab1-mbp slc24a5unspecified + MO1-exosc8 standard conditions Day 4 head IHC
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
slc24a5unspecified + MO1-exosc8 standard conditions Day 4 brain development disrupted, abnormal
Day 4 hindbrain morphology, abnormal
Day 4 myelination disrupted, abnormal
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