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Borovina et al., 2013 - IFT88 Plays a Cilia- and PCP-Independent Role in Controlling Oriented Cell Divisions during Vertebrate Embryonic Development. Cell Reports   5(1):37-43 Full text @ Cell Rep.
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Stage: Shield

Fig. 3 Cilia Are Not Required to Establish PCP

(A–D) Whole embryo flat-mount RNA in situ hybridization of krox20 and myoD expression in representative ten-somite-stage WT (A) and Mift88 or MZift88 (B) embryos. Quantification of the mediolateral extent of krox20 (C; p = 0.06) and the anteroposterior extent of myoD expression (D; p = 0.21) demonstrated no significant differences in CE of the body axis between WT (n = 21) and Mift88 or MZift88 mutants (n = 21, krox20; n = 20, myoD).

(E–G) Lateral DIC images of eight-somite-stage WT (E) and Mift88 or MZift88 (F) embryos. Quantification of the body axis extension angle (G) in WT (n = 23) and Mift88 or MZift88 mutants (n = 20) demonstrated no significant differences (p = 0.36).

(H–J) Whole-mount RNA in situ hybridization of ntl, hgg1, and dlx expression in representative bud-stage WT (H; n = 21) and Mift88 or MZift88 (I; n = 23) embryos. Quantification of the gap between the prechordal plate and the notochord (J) revealed no significant differences (p = 0.1).

(K–M) Confocal micrographs of WT (K) and MZift88 (L) dorsal ectoderm cells labeled with memb-mRFP (red) and Arl13b-GFP (green). (M) Graph of LWRs for WT (n = 70; 2 embryos) and MZift88 mutant (n = 91; 3 embryos) cells revealed no statistical differences (p = 0.25). Error bars in (M) represent SD.

(N–P) Coronal section through the floor plate of 28–32 hpf WT (N) and MZift88 mutant (O) embryos expressing memb-mRFP (red) and Centrin-GFP (green) demonstrating basal body docking at the posterior apical surface (yellow arrows). (P) Quantification of WT (n = 27) or MZift88 (n = 27) cells displaying anterior (blue), central (red), and posterior (purple) position of basal bodies at the apical surface of floor-plate cells.

Statistical significance for all experiments was determined using a Student’s t test and alpha was set as 0.05.

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Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
ift88tz288/tz288 standard conditions Shield establishment of mitotic spindle orientation process quality, abnormal
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