ZFIN ID: ZDB-FIG-120316-73
Lee et al., 2012 - CEP41 is mutated in Joubert syndrome and is required for tubulin glutamylation at the cilium. Nature Genetics   44(2):193-199 Full text @ Nat. Genet.
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: Shield to Pec-fin
Knockdown Reagent:
Observed In:
Stage: Protruding-mouth

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Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
cep41 WT standard conditions Shield whole organism ISH
5-9 somites Kupffer's vesicle ISH
20-25 somites brain ISH
20-25 somites immature eye ISH
20-25 somites inner ear ISH
20-25 somites pronephric duct ISH
Long-pec brain ISH
Long-pec eye ISH
Long-pec heart ISH
Long-pec inner ear ISH
Pec-fin brain ISH
Pec-fin eye ISH
Pec-fin heart ISH
Pec-fin inner ear ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
WT + MO1-cep41 standard conditions Protruding-mouth brain hydrocephalic, abnormal
Protruding-mouth heart edematous, abnormal
Protruding-mouth post-vent region curved, abnormal
twu34Tg + MO1-cep41 standard conditions Protruding-mouth determination of heart left/right asymmetry disrupted, abnormal
Protruding-mouth heart inverted, abnormal
Full text @ Nat. Genet.