Fig. 7

Eames et al., 2010 - UDP xylose synthase 1 is required for morphogenesis and histogenesis of the craniofacial skeleton
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Fig. 7

Collagen detection in wild-type and uxs1 mutant skeletons. (A–D) Whole-mount (A, B) and horizontal section (C, D) in situ hybridization for col2a1a gene expression; (E, F) whole-mount immunostaining for Col2 protein; (G–L) whole-mount (G–J) and horizontal section (K, L) in situ hybridization for col10a1 gene expression. Expression of col2a1a increased in developing cartilage of uxs1hi3357 mutants in lateral views of the head at 3 dpf (B) and ceratohyal sections at 5 dpf (D), compared to wild-type siblings (A, C). Longer substrate developing times demonstrated that col2a1a levels are high in cartilage of both wild type and mutant heads at 3 dpf (A′, B′). In contrast, although Col2a1 protein was easily detected in wild type cartilages (E) in ventral view at 5 dpf, it was not detected in mutant cartilages (F). Lateral (G, H) and ventral (I, J) whole-mount views showed that domains of col10a1 gene expression were greatly reduced in regions of endochondral and intramembranous skeletal elements in 5 dpf uxs1 mutants (H, J), compared to wild types (G, I). In situ hybridization on histological sections of the ceratohyal at 5 dpf illustrated reduced perichondral staining of col10a1 in mutants (L), compared with wild types (K). Also, chondrocyte expression of col10a1 was absent in mutants, although wild-type ceratohyal chondrocytes strongly expressed col10a1. Abbreviations: bsr, branchiostegal ray; cb1-5, ceratobranchials 1-5; ch, ceratohyal; cl, cleithrum; de, dentary; ent, entopterygoid; ep, ethmoid plate; f, fin; hm, hyomandibular; hs, hyosymplectic; m, Meckel′s cartilage; max, maxilla; op, opercle; pq, palatoquadrate; ps, parasphenoid.

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Stage Range: Protruding-mouth to Day 5

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Reprinted from Developmental Biology, 341(2), Eames, B.F., Singer, A., Smith, G.A., Wood, Z.A., Yan, Y.L., He, X., Polizzi, S.J., Catchen, J.M., Rodriguez-Mari, A., Linbo, T., Raible, D.W., and Postlethwait, J.H., UDP xylose synthase 1 is required for morphogenesis and histogenesis of the craniofacial skeleton, 400-415, Copyright (2010) with permission from Elsevier. Full text @ Dev. Biol.