Fig. 3

Cheesman et al., 2004 - Zebrafish and fly Nkx6 proteins have similar CNS expression patterns and regulate motoneuron formation
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Fig. 3

nkx6.1 is expressed in zebrafish ventral spinal cord. (A) Expression is initiated in the embryonic shield at 50% epiboly, approximately 5 hpf (animal pole view, optical section of embryo without yolk). Asterisk denotes epiblast (outer) layer. (B) By bud stage, ∼10 hpf, nkx6.1 is broadly expressed in medial neurectoderm (dorsal view, rostral to left). (C) At 26 hpf, nkx6.1 is strongly expressed in ventral CNS from the midbrain through the tail (lateral view; rostral to left). Arrowhead denotes pancreas expression. (D) Higher magnification view of spinal cord shown in (C). Scale bar: 50 μm for A,B,D; 25 μm for C. sc, spinal cord; n, notochord; y, yolk.

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Stage Range: 50%-epiboly to Prim-5

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