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Monoclonal antibodies that recognize a variety of structures in zebrafish embryos are available from the library at the Zebrafish International Resource Center. Please feel free to communicate with us via email if you have any questions:

The following is a partial list of available antibodies at ZIRC:

(Source: K. Larison and B. Trevarrow)

(Abbreviations are listed at the end.)

Name Type Staining Structures stained
anti-Dlx3b IgG1,k nuclear neural plate border, otic preplacode, otic placode, olfactory, finfold
(aka "anti-Spadetail")
IgG2a,k nuclear tailbud & adaxial cells; presomitic, lateral mesoderm, and prechordal plate cells
zl-1 IgG1 cyto or ecm lns
zm-1   gran cyto mus,act?,sheet mus over yolk(96h),fnv,hrt,musoc,muse,musb,fnpec,fnv
zm-2   gran cyto mus/sub skin of fnd,act,sheet over cns(96h)
zm-3   gran cyto som,mus,myo,str,musb,muse,musoc
zn-1 IgG1 cyto blm,ysl,ne u,axn,har,drg,rbn,pmn,ens,pns
zn-2   surf npl, lns,hin clusters,spi roots,har,for cells, tri, trg, npl, rbn, visc organ
zn-3   surf proc,npl, neu,cns surf,pns,hin segs,fnp,ens,pns,npl,bns,ipl,opl,some nerve tracts
zn-4   cyto or surf neu,har,npl,proc,pin,hin npl seg,spi seg?,fin cells & proc, orc,lining of visc organ, outside of ins, ncr(?), ipl, gan, eye neu
zn-5 IgG1 surf rbn, hin clusters, vsn, mps, per gang cell, gan, some cns pathways, ncr(?), npl
zn-8 IgG1 surf periodic cells between som surf & skin, hsp, some cells in brn, rbn, vsn, som, hin clusters
zn-9 IgG1 surf(?) hin verticle proc seg,tri,trg,sln,hin npl,ens, pns, opl, fin(lt)
zn-12 IgG1 surf rbn,dsn,proc in cns & pns, mus, myc, nrt, hin clusters, fin, bns, ens, ntd(1 month)
zn-13 IgM surf rbn,dsn,trg,tri,mus,myc,har,npl(lt),ens
zn-15 IgG1 cyto or surf(?) proc, npl, neu,hin seg, har, pin, cns, pns, ens, pln, opl, ipl, blood vessels in brn(?)
zna-1 IgG1   fibers,npl,hin seg,growth cones, mus spag, some somata
znp-1 IgG2a,k surf npl,vent roots,hin seg,ipl,mus spag,ysl, some spi cells
znp-2 IgG1   ipl,opl,base of har,spi npl,bnp
znp-3     npl,bnp,snv
znp-6     evl,ysl,cns,nrt,lns,som,npl,sln,svn,myc,visc organs, gills (nerves?)
znp-7   surf npl,bnp,snl,snv,ipl,opl(double layer),hin seg, ysl, har(base), some neu in nrt & spi
zns-1 IgG1 cyto(?) surf cns,pns,cells & proc,hin seg,ens,opl,ipl,growing edge of retina stains different from rest
zns-2   surf npl,bnp,raf in hin,har,olf,opl,ipl,ens,act or fin proc
zns-3 IgG1 cyto,surf(?) ysl,mus,per,neu,har,pns,str
zns-5   surf cns,oto,har,pns,ens,bns,fin fibers,opl,ipl,hin seg
zns-6     cns,fibers,raf,npl,opl,ipl,myc,ect,hin seg
zns-7   cyto evl,ysl,dee,lns,cns,ntd,som,gut,npl ,cells in oral epithelium,hsp,myc
znt-1 IgM cyto or ecm ntd,around lns,act fnd & fnv,myc,btw ect & som,fnp tip,npl,har,part of oto,ret edge,ipl
znu-1     nuclei,chromosomes,some cyto, all tissues except possibly ysl
znu-2     nuclei,dee,evl,outer layer of lns,rbn,nrt, scattered cells in brn
zpr-1   cyto(?) phr, pin, long double cones
zpr-2   cyto pin,phr
zpr-3   cyto(?) phr,rod outer segments,many other tissues at 1 month
zrf-1 IgG1 cyto(?) rafv spi & hin seg, vent roots, dor-vent tract in brn, ntd(lt), lining around gut, raf in nrt
zrf-2?   cyto(?) raf thru cns dker in spi & hin
zrf-3 IgG1 surf raf,brn edge,hin seg raf,pln,ipl,opl,sln, pattern on top of brn
zrf-4   surf raf,hin seg raf,some cell outlines,cns,optic nerve
zs-2   cyto(?) outer lns,nrt,fiber tract in brn,inner segs of rod(kdl), nrt npl(lt)
zs-3   cyto nrt
zs-4   cyto evl,ysl,dee,cns,lns,mus,fiber tract in brn,outer layer of lns cells,gan & other nrt cells,iplk,opl, adult nrt only rod inner segm ents(cryo-kdl)
              act actinotrichia
              alg anterior lateral line ganglion
              aln anterior lateral line nerve
              alp anterior lateral line primordium
              ama retinal amacrine neuron
              axn axon
              bip retinal bipolar neuron
              bld blood
              blm blastomere
              bnp brain neuropil
              bns branchial nervous system
              bra branchial arch
              brn brain
              brp branchial pouch
              cad caudal hindbrain level
              cap caudal primary motoneuron
              cns central nervous system
              den dendrite
              drg dorsal root ganglia
              dsn dorsal spinal cord neuron
              ect ectoderm
              end endoderm
              ens enteric nervous system
              ent endothelium
              epb epiblast
              epi epidermis
              epn ependymal cells
              eye eye
              fin fin
              fbr forebrain
              fnc caudal fin
              fnd dorsal fin
              fnl pelvic fin
              fnp pectoral fin
              fnv ventral fin
              gan retinal ganglion neuron
              ger germ ring
              gli glia
              har hair cell
              hat hatching gland
              hbr hindbrain
              hor retinal horizontal cell
              hrt heart
              hyb hypoblast
              int interneuron
              ipl inner plexiform layer
              kee keel
              lns lens
              mar blastoderm margin
              max Mauthner axon
              mbr midbrain
              mec mesenchyme
              mel melanocyte
              mes mesoderm
              mi1 middle hindbrain level 1
              mi2 middle hindbrain level 2
              mi3 middle hindbrain level 3
              mid mid neuron
              mip middle primary motoneuron
              miv miv neuron
              mld Mauthner lateral dendrite
              mot motoneuron
              mps muscle pioneers
              mth Mauthner neuron
              mul Muller cell in retina
              mus muscle
              musb branchial muscle
              muse enteric muscle
              musep epaxial muscle
              mush hypaxial muscle
              musoc extra-ocular muscle
              mussf muscle surface
              mvd Mauthner ventral dendrite
              myc myocomma cell
              myo myotome
              ncr neural crest cell
              ner nervous tissue
              neu neuron
              nms neuromast
              npl neuropil
              nrt neural retina
              ntd notochord
              nts notochord sheath
              olf olfactory pit/primordium
              oln nerve innervating olfactory bulb
              opl outer plexiform layer
              otc otocyst
              oto otic capsule
              per peridermis
              phr photoreceptor
              pig pigmented cell
              pin pineal gland
              plg posterior lateral line ganglion
              pln posterior lateral line nerve
              plp posterior lateral line primordium
              pmn primary motoneuron
              pne pronephritic kidney
              pns peripheral nervous system
              prd pronephritic duct
              prt pigmented retina
              raf radial fibers
              rbn Rohon-Beard neuron
              ro1 rostral hindbrain level 1
              ro2 rostral hindbrain level 2
              ro3 rostral hindbrain level 3
              rop rostral primary motoneuron
              rsn reticulospinal neuron
              shd shield
              smn secondary motoneuron
              snl spinal cord lateral neuron
              snp spinal cord neuropil
              snv spinal cord ventral neuron
              som somite
              spi spinal cord
              str muscle striations
              tin t-interneuron
              trg trigeminal ganglion
              tri trigeminal nerve
              vep ventral ependymal plate cells
              vsn ventral spinal cord neuron
              yol yolk cell
              ysl yolk syncytial layer