Prodrug Based on Ionic Liquids for Dual-Triggered Release of Thiabendazole

Zhang, W., Guo, Y., Yang, J., Tang, G., Zhang, J., Cao, Y.
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Effect of different humidity (A) and pH values (B) and amidase on the release behaviors of TBZ from IL-TBZ.

Release curves of IL-TBZ under different humidity levels and pH values.

Effect of different treatments on the disease index of Citrus reticulate under 10% humidity (a), 25% humidity (b), 38% humidity (c), and 50% humidity (d).

Mildewy symptoms of the Citrus reticulate after 5 and 10 days treated by control (a-5 and a-10), TBZ (b-5 and b-10), and IL-TBZ (c-5, and c-10) under 50% humidity.

Cumulative mortalities of zebrafish at 24 h (a), 48 h (b), 72 h (c), and 96 h (d) after acute exposure to TBZ and IL-TBZ. All treatments were analyzed in three replicates, whose average data were illustrated by the columns. Error bar was used to represent the standard deviation (SD) of the mean values.

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