The chemical defensome of five model teleost fish

Eide, M., Zhang, X., Karlsen, O.A., Goldstone, J.V., Stegeman, J., Jonassen, I., Goksøyr, A.
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Chemical defensome genes in five model fish species. The genes were identified by searching gene names and using HMMER searches with Pfam profiles, followed by reciprocal or best-hit blast searches towards the zebrafish proteome. The gene families are organized in categories following Gene Ontology annotations and grouped by their role in the chemical defensome. The size of the disk represents the relative number of genes in the different fish genomes within each group, with the number of genes in a specific gene family as slices.

Phylogenetic tree of NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductases (NQO), also known as DT-diaphorase (DTD). Multiple sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree was built using Clustal Omega50 with standard settings. The tree was drawn using iTol51, and rooted with the archaebacterial NQO5.

Transcription of chemical defensome genes in early development of (a) zebrafish (Danio rerio) and (b) stickleback (Gasterasteus aculeatus). Absolute transcription values (log2 scale) of defensome genes, grouped into their functional category, are shown at early morula, late morula, mid gastrula, early organogenesis, and 24 h post hatching (hph).

Transcriptional responses on chemical defensome genes in (a) zebrafish embryo (3.3 h post fertilization (hpf)) and (b) zebrafish larvae (96 hpf) following exposure to benzo(a)pyrene. The transcription is shown as log2 fold change between exposed and control group at each timepoint. The genes are grouped into their functional categories in the chemical defensome and the name of some genes are indicated for clarity.

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