OGT binds a conserved C-terminal domain of TET1 to regulate TET1 activity and function in development

Hrit, J., Goodrich, L., Li, C., Wang, B.A., Nie, J., Cui, X., Martin, E.A., Simental, E., Fernandez, J., Liu, M.Y., Nery, J.R., Castanon, R., Kohli, R.M., Tretyakova, N., He, C., Ecker, J.R., Goll, M., Panning, B.
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The TET1-OGT interaction promotes TET1 function in the zebrafish embryo.

(A) Representative images of runx1 labeling in the dorsal aorta of wild type or tet2/3DM zebrafish embryos, uninjected or injected with mRNA encoding mouse Tet1 wild type or D2018A. (B) Percentage of embryos with high runx1 expression along the dorsal aorta. (C) 5hmC dot blot of genomic DNA from wild type or tet2/3DM zebrafish embryos injected with Tet1 wild type or D2018A mRNA. Methylene blue was used as a loading control. (D) Quantification of 5hmC levels from three dot blots, normalized to methylene blue staining. Error bars denote s.d. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001, N.S. – not significant.

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